In-house days

Upcoming inhouse day: Green Giraffe

Are you curious to find out what forces really drive the energy transition? Do you want to be part of a young and dynamic team, impacting the way we use and produce energy on a daily basis? Join the inhouse day at Green Giraffe in Utrecht!

About Green Giraffe

Green Giraffe is an international specialist financial advisory firm focused on helping our clients build their energy projects across all renewable energy technologies and providing them with further strategic and financial advisory. Within Green Giraffe, thanks to a very open and transparent knowledge sharing culture, all colleagues are involved at the heart of the deals they work on for clients, and benefit from a steep learning curve irrespective of their seniority level. The entrepreneurial, dynamic and fun atmosphere in the team combined with a high level of quality delivered on all projects makes Green Giraffe a unique company in its field. We are continuously on the lookout for bright minds to strengthen our team of financial, legal and market experts. 


On 10 October, we will open our doors for motivated students, so you can find out what it is like to make projects happen! We welcome students and recent graduates from all backgrounds, as long as you are eager to learn about, and interested in, renewables and finance. We will start with a general introduction of what we do, share lunch, work on a business case, and we will have some drinks to close the day. The inhouse day begins at 09:30 and will finish around 17:00.

Sign up!

Curious to find out more about us? We are curious to find out more about you! Submit your application by sending an email to with your CV and a short motivation statement. Deadline for submission is 25 September at noon.

Morgen and in-house days

Because companies are in great demand for sustainable students and because students themselves are also looking for internships and jobs, Morgen organizes in-house days in collaboration with companies. In this way, Morgen offers its network interesting opportunities and, at the same time, helps partners of organizations by providing access to a network of sustainable students, whom are often less accessible to companies.

These in-house days can be arranged flexibly and will differ per case. It’s our intention to serve as an intermediary and connect the right group of students to the right company (with for example a specific target group or case).

Interested companies and organizations

Interested companies or organizations can contact the treasurer of Morgen via The options in terms of location, time and organization are very flexible. We are able to organize a part of the in-house day, but it’s also possible for us to only search for a group of students who would like to participate in the in-house day and that the organization of the in-house day is the company’s own responsibility.

Interested students

These in-house days will be accessible to all students, including students who are not affiliated with a member organization of Morgen. If you would like to stay informed of upcoming in-house days, please follow Morgen on Facebook. For questions you can send an email to

For more information, please contact us.