The board

The board

The board of Studenten voor Morgen exists of four young, enthusiastic students majoring or engaged in areas of creating a more sustainable world. The board changes every year on the 1st of July and is in charge of everything that happens within Studenten voor Morgen: projects, finance, support of member organisations, et cetera. Furthermore, the board is the face of Studenten voor Morgen and the board members aim to position SvM as a big player in the field of sustainability. 

In the board year 2020-2021, Studenten voor Morgen is run by four committed and engaged students:

Femke Hermans | Chair | Student Future Planet Student| Amsterdam
Marrit de Witte | Secretary & Vice Chair | Masterstudent Urban Environmental Studies | Wageningen
Yindi Verbeek | Treasurer & Student Network | Student Milieukunde | Leeuwarden
Sophie Valk | PR | Student Fashion & Branding | Amsterdam

Nina Vas-Dias | Student Network | Student iArts | Maastricht

Tiffanie Septier| Higher Education Network | Student Leiden University College | Leiden

Femke Hermans | Chair

My name is Femke Hermans, 21 years old, and this year I will be the chair of Studenten voor Morgen. I live in Amsterdam & study at the University of Amsterdam, where I just completed my bachelor Future Planet Studies. This is an interdisciplinary study in which you learn to stimulate sustainability in our environment from various disciplines. In addition to my bachelor’s degree, I’m working on a bridging programme/pre-master’s degree in international law. I mainly want to focus on international environmental rights.

Besides my studies, I am also very involved with environmental issues. In the past I worked for a sustainable energy supplier and did an internship at a sustainable innovative consultancy firm. Because SvM focuses on sustainability within higher education, I hope to be able to expand my experience in this incredibly important area.

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Marrit de Witte | Secretary & Vice Chair

My name is Marrit de Witte, and this year I will be secretary and vice-chairman of Studenten voor Morgen. I am a 22-year-old student from Wageningen, where I started my university master Urban Environmental Management in 2020. Within this course I am concerned with analyzing and solving environmental and sustainability issues in cities. This year I am taking a break from my studies to be able to work as a board member at SvM. Despite the increasing awareness of sustainability, I believe that the mission of Studenten voor Morgen for integrating sustainability in higher education is more important than ever. By integrating sustainability more into higher education, the new generation is encouraged to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and I think this is extremely important. That is why I hope to be able to contribute to a sustainable world through this board year, and I look forward to all the educational and fun moments that will come this year!

Yindi Verbeek | Treasurer

I am Yindi Verbeek, 17 years old, and this board year I am the treasurer for Studenten voor Morgen. I am in my second year of studying Environmental Sciences at the Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden. Sustainability is central to my study. This may have to do with windmills and energy, but also with clean drinking water and healthy nature. At the moment it is mainly the side of water technology that attracts me. Because of my great interest in the state of our nature and climate, I found the challenge to get started at Studenten voor Morgen. I am also active in my study association.

In my spare time I like to go to thrift shops, play games and hang out with friends. Next year will be a great year full of new experiences and challenges that I am looking forward to.

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Sophie Valk | PR

My name is Sophie Valk and this year I will be a PR board member at Studenten voor Morgen. I am 21 years old, live in Haarlem and study Fashion & Branding at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. In my study I learn everything about making (fashion) brands and how to communicate a brand identity to the world and make it attractive to consumers. I would like to apply this knowledge about establishing a strong brand with a clear message with Studenten voor Morgen. So that even more people know who we are, what we stand for and become involved in our great projects.

I enjoy researching consumer behavior and want to apply my ‘commercial’ knowledge to initiate positive change and ensure that sustainable policies in higher education become the norm. These are the places where students are prepared for their future, but without a sustainable policy, it will soon be gone. My goal this year is to show that sustainability is not something dull or difficult, but forms the basis for a future in which people, animals and the environment can function best.

Nina Vas-Dias | Student Network

My name is Nina Vas-Dias, and this year I fulfill the function of student network at Students for Tomorrow. I am 20 years old and I am now in my first year of iArts at Zuyd Hogeschool in Maastricht. With iArts you will work every semester on a work of art, performance or installation that addresses a current social problem. Because it’s obvious to me that sustainability is at the top of the list of issues that need more attention, and because of my involvement with Keyclyb & Kiwanis, Studenten voor Morgen seemed like the perfect next challenge.

Higher education, in my opinion, should shape the younger generation into socially engaged individuals who are ready to step out into the wider world. With SvM I want to make an effort to stimulate higher education institutions to share the necessary knowledge about how young people can ensure that the wide world continues to exist for a little longer. This is of course not possible without the participation of the students! As a board member of the student network, I want to put the spotlight back on the powerful network that Studenten voor Morgen has created over the years. With a focus on inclusiveness and knowledge sharing, I believe we can all become students for tomorrow.

Tiffanie Septier | Higher Education

Hello everyone, my name is Tiffanie Septier and I am responsible for the Higher Education network. This year I am excited to work on projects such as the Sustainabul ranking, the creation of, the launch of the True Animal Protein Price pilot and more. A little about me, I’m half French – half Dutch and grew up in Paris. After which I decided to move to the Netherlands where I am currently studying at Leiden University College. Here I developed a strong passion for social and environmental sustainability. This encouraged me to become a board member at Students voor Morgen. In my spare time I like going to the beach, cooking and painting

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