The board

The daily board of Studenten voor Morgen consists of a team of young, enthusiastic and sustainable students. The board changes every year on 1 July and is responsible for everything that happens within Studenten voor Morgen: projects, finances, support of member organizations, and so on. The board is also the face of Studenten voor Morgen and they try to put SvM on the map as well as possible. Studenten voor Morgen will be run in the board year 2022 – 2023 by a board of six enthusiastic students:


Charlotte Mendes de León | Chair

My name is Charlotte Mendes de León and I will hold the position of chair within the board of ‘Studenten voor morgen’ in the year 2022-2023! I am looking forward to putting my knowledge gained from my studies in political science and minor in sustainability law into practice during a board year at Studenten voor morgen. In addition to my studies in Leiden, I work at secondary schools to support teachers where necessary. I am also active in the student rowing association, where I am a fanatic rower and do various committee work. I hope to meet you soon and see how we can support each other!

Bine Liem | Secretary & Network Support

Hi! My name is Bine (20), and I am currently studying Nutrition and Health at Wageningen University & Research. Besides my interests in fitness, sports and nutrition, I am also very much involved in sustainability. That is also why I will be working next year as Secretary and Support Network Organizations at the new board of ‘Studenten voor Morgen’. I’m really looking forward to next year, I hope you are too!

Floris de Boer | Treasurer & Green Office Coordinator

Hi everyone, my name is Floris de Boer and next year I will take the position of treasurer in the board of  ‘Studenten voor Morgen’ I just finished my second year of the bachelor Global sustainability. I am also doing a minor in Educational Sciences, the combination between education and sustainability appeals to me. I am looking forward to next year and I am convinced that we will make it a great year with the new board.


Green Office Coordinator 

Luca Hegeman | PR and Communication

Hi! My name is Luca Hegeman, a 22-year-old student in Utrecht. In the next year I will be fulfilling the function of ‘public relations’ within the board of ‘Studenten voor morgen’ with great enthusiasm. I am really looking forward to making it a great year together with my fellow board members and working towards a more sustainable higher education. I believe that often the start of change lies with the younger generations and education. That’s why I’m really looking forward to focusing on mobilizing individuals and communities to address sustainability issues in higher education. In addition, I am doing a master’s degree in organizing social impact and I love being outside and doing sports. In the past six months I have been able to fulfill these desires with long hikes in the natural beauty of Norway, next year I will go back to ‘normal’ hockey and sailing.

Lukas de Ruiter | Student Network & Vice-chair

Hereby, I wish to introduce myself as the new student network coordinator of the SvM board of 2022/2023 and hope you all wish me a warm welcome. My name is Lukas de Ruiter, I am 22 years old and studying Future Planet Studies at UvA, the trajectory: sustainability and society. Besides my bachelors I like to occupy myself practically and have done so throughout two board years at Students for Sustainability Amsterdam. Now as Student network coordinator I’ll be heading into my third consecutive board year. I hope to use my previous experiences as a member association, to offer all of you a warm and helpful perspective and wish to speak to all of you soon about how we could best establish complementary collaborations in our network. Together work towards making a significant impact in making education and our direct environments more sustainable!

Veerle Voorsluijs | Higher

I am Veerle, 21 years old. I study law in Tilburg, where I did a minor in sustainability. That is how I started combining law and sustainability. It is with great pleasure that I take up the board position of higher education. I believe that education is essential for sustainable development. Therefore, I am convinced that this board year will be a great success!


Take a look at this page to see which boards came before us.
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