The board


The board of Morgen exists of five young, enthusiastic students majoring or engaged in areas of creating a more sustainable world. The board changes every year on the 1st of July and is in charge of everything that happens inside Morgen: projects, finance, support of member organizations, et cetera. Furthermore, the board is the face of Morgen and the board members aim to position Morgen as a big player in the field of sustainability. 

In the board year 2019-2020, Morgen is run by five committed and engaged students:

Britt Dragstra | Chair & PR | Pre-master student Environment & Society Studies | Nijmegen
Selma den Hartog | Secretary | Bachelor student Education & Child Studies | Leiden
Sophie van Mourik | Treasurer & Vice Chair | Bachelor student  Global Sustainability Science | Utrecht
Nadine Bartman | 
Board member Higher Education & PR | Gap Year | Eindhoven
Anne Herpers | 
Board member Student Network | Bachelor student Applied Biology | ‘s Hertogenbosch


Britt Dragstra | Chair & PR

My name Britt Dragstra and I am the chair of the board of Morgen 2019-2020. I am 21 years old and from the South of the Netherlands, Heerlen, my friends from above the river(s) sometimes laugh about my accent and words that are apparently not ‘general civilized Dutch’. Well, I am a proud Limburger who is living in the cosy city of Nijmegen for almost three years now. Nijmegen was the European Green Capital of last year, so I am also proud of that, but there is always room for improvement when it comes to sustainability.

I am in my last year of the bachelor International Development in Wageningen and have done the minor Sustainability Challenges and the Pre-Master Environment and Society in Nijmegen. All crammed in one year. So, I am definitely ready for a year of more sustainability in a more practical way and in the form of a board year. I love to organise events, to read, to write, to hike in the nice nature, to play games, to watch movies and to listen to music. I hope to learn a lot from this year and to contribute to making the world a bit more sustainable.

Britt Dragstra- Voorzitter Morgen
Selma den Hartog - Secretaris Morgen

Selma den Hartog | Secretary

My name is Selma, I am 21 years old en this year I am the Secretary of Studenten voor Morgen. This year, I will finish the bachelor Education and Child Studies at Leiden University. I took a few more months to finish my bachelor thesis, because I went to Canada the first semester of last year. During my time in Canada, I learned a lot about social ethics and the Indigenous culture. It made me aware that there are other ways to interact with each other and with nature, this increased my interest for sustainability. That is why I am very excited to be a board member of Studenten voor Morgen, not only to broaden my own knowledge of sustainability, but also to make other students and Universities aware of a sustainable way of living.

Sophie van Mourik | Treasurer & Vice Chair

My name is Sophie van Mourik and I am the Treasurer and vice chair of the board of Morgen. I am really looking forward to coming year and cannot wait to learn more about sustainability. Currently I am a Global Sustainability Science student at Utrecht University with a focus on water, climate and ecosystems, not necessarily on the social aspect related to sustainable development. I hope that during this board year I could learn more about this aspect and practical ways of improving sustainable transition. In combination with the scientific knowledge gained during my bachelors, I hope that I as a part of Morgen can make students, higher education and other institutions aware of the importance and relevance of a sustainable future.

I also try to be more sustainable during my daily life, for example by eating vegan. Sometimes challenging, but definitely an interesting experience! Besides that, I love outdoor sports such as sailing and skiing, like to read and I am always in the mood for fun times with friends.

Sophie van Mourik - Penningmeester Morgen
Nadine Bartman - Hoger Onderwijs & PR Morgen

Nadine Bartman | Higher Education & PR

My name is Nadine Bartman and this year I am the board member of Higher Education! I will also be partly responsible for the PR. I am 22 years old and currently taking a gap year after finishing my bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering at the TU Eindhoven. I wanted to use my gap year to gain work experience in the field of sustainability and to get more involved on this field, for which Morgen is the perfect place.

Sustainability has become increasingly important in my life and I am really looking forward to being on the board of Morgen. During the past years I have worked on gaining more attention for sustainable development within my university and now I am ready for the next step: to work on the sustainability of all higher education in the Netherlands. I have also become more aware and try to live as sustainable as possible, by considering what I eat, what I buy and how I travel. In my free time I enjoy being outside and love dancing, music, travelling and reading.

Anne Herpers | Studentnetwerk

My name is Anne Herpers. I am almost 20 years old. Now I am still 19 years old but I can do more than some people think! One think to prove it; I applied for Morgen! I live in Den Bosch since, I am here for my education in ‘Applied Biology’, which I love. I love this program because I am a lot outside, I am learning a lot about the environment, I learn how to make a good research and how to give good advice to a company.

Hopefully I can make the world a little bit better with my knowledge from school. I am very happy that I have more people around me. Because I grew up in a small village Arcen, Limburg. A lot of people are not enthusiastic about the environment or to make the world a little bit greener. That is why I would love to make them more enthusiastic about the environment and sometimes I already manage this! So as you can see the environment is very important for me but I also love socializing. I love to do things together like, having some drinks, make a walk, do some games or sports.

So I told you a little bit about my life, hopefully we have a great year together!

Anne Herpers- Studentennetwerk Morgen

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