Sustainable Introduction Stunt

Sustainable Introduction Stunt

The Sustainable Introduction Stunt (SIS) is a competition between university associations, student associations and introduction week committees from different cities. Introduction weeks battle for the award: ‘Most Sustainable Introductionweek’ and introduction stunts battle for the ‘most Sustainable Introduction Stunt’. Besides these two prizes you can choose the third: the Social Impact price.

The goal of the SIS is to make incoming students more aware of sustainability. Besides this, the competition is a unique opportunity for associations to put themselves in the spotlight, attract new members and finance their organisation. The SIS takes place during the introduction weeks in August.  At that time thousands of students get in touch for the first time with a taste of the student life. These weeks are full with activities and parties, sustainability can easily get a place in this. That’s why we challenge all study associations, student associations and introduction weeks to take part in the SIS!


The SIS has started in 2012 and 2013 by a campaign company called EEN. Together with our partners UMEF and GDO, we have organised since 2014 the sustainability battle between introduction weeks and student associations! The idea is simple: Study and student associations come up with a Stunt and tell their idea to Studenten voor Morgen. Introduction weeks/committees are assessed on their overall sustainability by a questionnaire by a SIS coordinator. During the introduction periods in August and September the stunts are performed. Volunteers from the SIS will visit these stunts and write a report of it, photographs and little videos included. These photos and videos will be put on Facebook and shown to a jury. The latter will decide on the basis of certain criteria which stunt wins. The victorious’ weeks and stunts will be announced during the SIS-awards, which takes place at the end of September.

SIS 2020

The subscriptions for the SIS 2020 are open! For more information see this link or contact us at

SIS 2019

33 student organisations have worked on making student life more sustainable during the past summer. They did that either by making their introduction week more sustainable or by organising a sustainable stunt. On October 9 2019, Studenten voor Morgen award the ‘Sustainable Introduction Stunt Awards’ to the 3 winners.

  • Most Sustainable Introduction Week: Radboud University Nijmegen
  • Most Sustainable Introduction Stunt: U.V.S.V. Utrecht
  • Social Impact Price: STORM Utrecht

Would you like to know what they did that won them the award? Continue reading! Or take a look at the pictures of the award show.

SIS 2018

The 2019 edition had 23 participants. The winners of the SIS 2018 are:

  • Most Sustainable Introduction Week: INKOM Maastricht (750€)
  • Most Sustainable Introduction Stunt: STORM Utrecht  (750€)
  • Social Impact Price: D.S.R.V. Laga (500€ + Waka Waka’s)

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