Circular Skills

Our world and society are changing and we need system change to make different, interdisciplinary transitions for a more sustainable world. To do this, young people must be supported by their education with the right knowledge and skills to fulfill these transitions. What is important for tomorrow’s future changes every day. Therefore, education must be flexible and innovative with teachers with the best circular skills and knowledge. We wonder; what do students want? How would they like to see their education? Do they think their education prepares them for the transitions we have to make or for the jobs they want to fill?

SvM, together with Leren voor Morgen and the Jonge Klimaatbeweging, are looking for an answer to these questions by giving young people a voice in educational innovation. A game has been developed for this in collaboration with Sustainability Games called: Futureproef.


Our world is changing and the future of young people is at stake. We face enormous social, economic and economic challenges. This also changes what is relevant for young people to learn. The approach to education often lacks the vision of young people. What do young people actually think is important? What do they want to learn? How do they want to learn? And how should education be organized in their view? We find out with the Futureproef, a learning game and survey in one. Made by students for students.

View the white paper with the results below

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