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Students for tomorrow,
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The student network for a sustainable future
in higher education

What we do

Studenten voor Morgen strives to integrate sustainability into higher education and student life and to systematically change higher education for current and future generations. Click here for the infographic

Optimizing cooperation and synergy between member organizations

We encourage cooperation between more than 40 member organizations such as Green Offices and sustainable study and student organizations because only together can we make real change.

Organizing projects

We organize projects in which we integrate sustainability into higher education by stimulating awareness about sustainable development among students, employees and other stakeholders.

Making our voice heard​

We make our voices heard in discussions on the topics of sustainability and education at local, national, and international levels.

The SustainaBul

The SustainaBul is the annual sustainability ranking for higher education institutions. Participating educational institutions are assessed on the basis of a questionnaire divided into the themes; sustainability in research, education, operational management and the integrated approach.

Our projects

Studenten voor Morgen contributes to the realization of 3 SDGs 4:Quality education, 13:Climate action and 17:Partnership to achieve the goals of the organization. These goals are achieved in an optimistic and politically neutral way by optimizing synergy and cooperation between member organisations, by joining forces and amplifying the voices on sustainability in higher education.

The sustainable introduction time

The sustainable introduction time (DIT) is a competition between introduction week committees from various cities. Introduction weeks compete for the award: ‘Most sustainable introduction week’. The aim of the DIT is to make future students more aware of sustainability.

Career Event

The Sustainability Career Event is the national career event for students and starters who are looking for a sustainable internship or job. It is the place where talents and future employers can meet each other in an accessible way. We organize this event annually together with SustainableMotion. is an online magazine written for and by students about sustainability. You will find articles on social, economic and ecological themes and the articles vary from practical tips to complex sustainability themes. Curious or do you want to become an editor? View the website via the button below.

Committee of Recommendation​

I hope to contribute to a generation of self-conscious global citizens who not only talk about change, but also dare to do so. That is why I like to support the activities of Studenten voor Morgen.


Thiëmo Heilbron
CEO Fawaka

Within 15 years we will have to make a huge leap from a society that runs on fossil fuels and raw materials, to a world that runs on sustainable energy and circular raw materials. That requires the utmost and education is crucial!


Marjan Minnesma
CEO Urgenda

Studenten voor Morgen is an important incentive to give sustainability the place it deserves in education.


Herman Wijffels

The board

The daily board of Studenten voor Morgen consists of a team of young, enthusiastic and sustainable students. The board changes every year on 1 July and is responsible for everything that happens within Studenten voor Morgen: projects, finances, support of member organizations, and so on. The board is also the face of Studenten voor Morgen and they try to put SvM on the map as well as possible. In the ‘2023-2024’ board year, Studenten voor Morgen will be run by a board of four enthusiastic students: Enrico Bosters, Sophie van ‘t Leven, Ana Pandurević en Lisa van den Dries