Member organisations

Member organizations

Studenten voor Morgen is a network organization and our core is therefore our network consisting of sustainable student organizations, study associations and Green Offices. Below you can see all our member organizations, arranged by city!

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List of members


Studenten voor Morgen duurzaam duurzaamheid green office van hall larenstein

Green Office VHL is a student-led body that champions sustainability initiatives within the University of Applied Sciences. The goal of GO VHL is to support sustainable ideas, signals and initiatives from students to make VHL University of Applied Sciences more sustainable.

Is known for:
GO VHL organizes, among other things, De Groene Draad, a series of workshops, lectures and/or other activities organized with a sustainable tint to make students enthusiastic and to give a sustainable message home.


Green Office Groningen is part of the University’s Sustainability Program and is run by students and staff. The Green Office coordinates activities for the sustainable development of the university. We do this by informing, connecting and stimulating employees and students to live more sustainably and by explaining why this is important.

Is known for:
May is Art and Sustainability Month! The Green Office Groningen, Hanze University of Applied Sciences and various study and student associations organize all kinds of activities at the intersection between art and sustainability. The Green Office also maintains a blog:

SAMEEN puts young talent in the lead when executing the sustainability projects of their clients. SAMEEN is a mission-driven organization. We want to make the labor market more sustainable, and see sustainability more broadly than the environment and global warming.

Is known for:
SAMEEN links the objectives of their customers to the SDGs. They then process the strategy that the organization already has in a Theory of Change, which shows with which steps the organization can positively influence its impact on the specific SDGs.

Nobis Cura Futuri is the official study association of Campus Fryslan, a faculty of the University of Groningen, but located in Leeuwarden. The faculty is small-scale, nevertheless it encompasses in total eight bachelor and master programmes. Just like the whole faculty, the study association focuses on sustainability, diversity and development.
Known for:
The many active committees of NCF organise both small as sizable events for members and partners of the association. The events are academic and social, and always have the sustainability aspect integrated.


SUSTAIN is a student association of the University of Twente, with the aim of putting sustainability issues in the spotlight and making a positive, sustainable impact on their campus.

Is known for:
SUSTAIN organizes social activities and works on the community garden in the University of Twente, which is one of the many collaborations with the UT Green Office.

The GreenHub Twente is the central point where all knowledge and initiatives related to sustainability within the university come together and reinforce each other. Green Hub Twente will play an active role in shaping, realizing, implementing and following the policy of the UT related to sustainability.

Is known for:
Organizing and facilitating webinars. They also participate in Shaping2030 and HealthyCampus, the sustainable initiatives of the UT

Nijmegen en Arnhem

AGREEn offers Nijmegen students the opportunity to work on social issues in an innovative and sustainable way. The interdisciplinary view of students comes together at AGREEn with the decisiveness of companies and governments.

To achieve the best results, AGREEN’s sustainability consultants work together in multidisciplinary teams and are supported by experts.

Is known for:
AGREEn works in 6-month rounds, working on projects in collaboration with partners such as higher education institutions, energy companies, but also national organizations such as the TAPP coalition.

HAN Green Office is the sustainability office of the HAN University of Applied Sciences, run by young professionals.

Is known for:
At the Living Labs, students from various study programs can take on a sustainable study assignment. From internal assignments within HAN to issues from external clients. These Living Labs form the connection with the professional field.

The Radboud Green Office is the sustainable meeting point of Radboud University and Radboud UMC. They give students and employees the means to contribute to sustainable education, research, patient care and business management.

Is known for:
The Radboud Impact Festival is a sustainability week on and around campus, aimed at students and employees. During RIF you can experience how you can make a sustainable impact on your campus from your own study or work.

AKKUduurzaam is the sustainable working group of the student union AKKU.


The Green Office VHL Velp is a volunteer organization of Van Hall Larenstein Velp University of Applied Sciences. Their aim is to make the university as sustainable as possible by stimulating cooperation between the volunteers within their network and the school.

Is known for:
The Clothes Swap takes place twice a year. Participants are given the opportunity to exchange items of clothing they no longer wear with other people’s second-hand clothes. The pieces that are not picked go to Outfit Library Less.


The Green Office stimulates the integration of sustainability in Wageningen University & Research. They are working towards a more sustainable mindset and application internally, with the help of students and employees.

Is known for:
Green Office Wageningen organizes events on a number of subjects, for which working groups are also active. The best known are Campus & Operations, Food & Health, and Education & Research.

Wageningen Environmental Platform (WEP) is a platform for anyone who wants to be proactive about sustainability in their environment. They are committed to encouraging students to become actively involved in sustainability by organizing activities such as lectures and workshops, and by promoting local initiatives.

Is known for:
WEP is working on three major projects; a clothing swap, a second-hand bookshop for textbooks and a PMD bag pick-up point.

Aktief slip is the student association for the Bsc Environmental Sciences, Msc Environmental Sciences, Msc Climate Studies, and Msc Urban Environmental Management of WUR. Active slip is run for and by students.

Is known for:
Aktief Slip organizes workshops, lectures and vegan cooking classes with the aim of teaching, connecting and above all for fun.


Green Office HU is committed to embedding a sustainable future in the education and research of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, but also among HU employees and students. Green Office does this by informing, inspiring and activating people.

Is known for:
During the energy market, students and employees of Hogeschool Utrecht (HU) were able to find out everything about energy, in particular about what HU does about its energy consumption and what you can do yourself. In addition to a market with stalls, the event also had two speakers.

The Green Office is the platform for employees and students of Utrecht University, where sustainable ideas are formed, plans come together and projects are launched. All this with the aim of making the university more sustainable. In addition, they raise awareness about sustainable solutions and ambitions of the UU among employees and students. Finally, they support projects with a small budget, communication and network.

Is known for:
Green Office UU wants to create awareness among students and employees about topics related to sustainability. We do this, among other things, by launching campaigns on our four main themes: Circularity, Food, Green Campus and Mobility.

NRG is the study association for students and alumni of the MSc Energy Science offered by Utrecht University. NRG organizes various activities, such as master introductions, excursions, lectures, guided tours at relevant companies and study tours.

Is known for:
During the Alumni event, students and alumni get the opportunity to expand their network, and students can get a better idea of their future opportunities and careers.

STORM is the study association of Sustainability Sciences offered at the University of Utrecht.

Is known for:
STORM organizes activities and excursions for their members and has its own podcast. In Eye of the Storm, Rosana, Michelle and Len talk with guests about topics related to culture, sustainability and STORM itself.


The aim of the Green Office VU is to make a significant, sustainable impact through a collaboration between VU University Amsterdam, its community and various relevant partners.

Is known for:
The Green Action Lab is a match-making service developed by Green Office VU. Their mission is to connect students, scientists and partners with impactful research in the context of sustainability. This works by sourcing research questions both within and outside the VU, which are then matched with students and experts.

The UvA Green Office is a platform that tries to stimulate sustainable developments within the University of Amsterdam. Their network consists of students, employees and various partners who are committed to positively influencing the university’s business operations.

Is known for:
The Knowledge Hub is an interactive online platform that focuses on sustainability and the University of Amsterdam. It is a place where everyone has the opportunity to share their ideas and collaborate with people from different academic backgrounds.

SFSA is a student organization committed to making the world a little greener by promoting sustainability in every way possible. SFSA’s monthly events and online platform give students the opportunity to hone organizational skills and showcase writing and/or design skills. Students also get the chance to get to know other like-minded students and sustainable initiatives better.

Is known for:
During the monthly GreenDocs, a committee selects interesting documentaries and relevant speakers to fill an evening full of fascinating discussions.

Youth Climate Security Talks (YCST) is an international program that enhances climate security awareness through youth engagement. In this, we aim to steer innovation, leading to the development and implementation of new ideas for climate measures. We strive for a future in which recognition of the security dimension of climate change brings forth new opportunities, (i.e. ideas/solutions/relationships) to mitigate, adapt to, and become resilient to climate change.

Is known for:
Organising events, workshops, and brainstorming for civil and military future leaders to learn more about climate security and seek innovation opportunities. Furthermore, YCST members write vision documents on how the topic of climate security could successfully be embraced by academic and security institutions.  

 if you care about peace and security, you care about the climate

Leiden / Den Haag

Leiden University Green Office (LUGO) is working hard to make Leiden University more sustainable. LUGO has two main objectives:

  1. Structural integration of sustainability in the education, research and facilities of Leiden University.
  2. Promote a culture of sustainability in the community of Leiden University staff and students.

Is known for:
LUGO organises various projects such as workshops, screenings and clean ups, with the aim of raising awareness of sustainable topics among LU students

 The Student Board of LDE Centre for Sustainability, comprised of students from the three universities, represents and communicates with Bachelor and Master students of the LDE universities. We aim to incite enthusiasm and awareness about sustainability through hosting social and educational events on sustainability-related topics. We connect students to a community of sustainability-minded people, prepare students for a career in the sustainability field, and promote the educational opportunities offered by the LDE CfS centre.

Is known for:
Our events range from workshops, panel discussions, company visits, repair cafes, networking events, and movie screenings, held in the four cities – Leiden, The Hague, Delft, and Rotterdam.  Events are free and open to all students. To stay engaged and up to date, follow us on social media or join our mailing list and sign up to our events!

The Sustainable Business Battle (SBB) is a challenge spanning several weeks. During this challenge, an interdisciplinary team of students will find innovative and practical solutions for the sustainability issues of various Dutch organizations.


GreenTU Delft is a student organization that is committed to the inclusion of sustainability in education, research, business operations and community involvement. GreenTU Delft brings students into contact with scientists, lecturers and employees with the aim of making TU Delft more sustainable.

Is known for:
The Sustainability Label is a checklist that can be used to measure the inclusiveness of sustainability within organisations. All organizations and associations that have something to do with TU Delft can make use of this.

The Energy Club is the student component of the Delft Energy Initiative. They organize lectures, trips, network meetings and debates. In addition, they initiate student projects in the field of energy, such as converting a racing car to run on wind energy. Their aim is to bring students into contact with scientists and professionals and to provide support during their studies and as a starter.

Is known for:
The TU Delft Energy club is known for their lunch lectures. These lectures can be about various topics related to sustainable energy, but are always accompanied by a nice lunch.

Students4Sustainability Foundation (S4S) is a student organization with the aim of encouraging Delft students to apply innovative techniques for a more sustainable world. With 100% of the money we receive through donors, we give students a chance to make a difference through technical projects in developing areas

Is known for:
An example of a project that facilitates S4S is currently taking place in Cape Town. Here a team is expanding a hydroponic available system in the center. At the moment herbs are mainly grown in these growth beds, which will be used to make a salt mix in collaboration with sustainable catering company Pure Good Food.

IESA Shift is the study association of Industrial Ecology, a two-year master’s degree offered by the Delft University of Technology and Leiden University.

Is known for:
In addition to the fun and educational events that IESA Shift organizes, they recently started a podcast. Not Another Green Podcast looks at issues from a systematic perspective and brings experts on board to tackle topics such as oceanography, politics and civil law in the context of sustainability.

Delft Sustainable Energy Association is the student association of the master Sustainable Energy Technology (SET) of the Delft University of Technology. Delft S.E.A. is committed to supporting SET’s students and alumni by organizing activities, offering academic support and maintaining the network, even after graduation.

Is known for:
Delft S.E.A. organizes fun and educational city tours for its members. They also have two magazines, the “SEA of ideas” and “SET MATCH”.


Erasmus Sustainability Hub stimulates collaboration, awareness, and sustainable initiatives within Erasmus University. They support individuals and institutions in incorporating sustainability into their daily lives, professional lives and society.

Is known for:
The Erasmus Sustainability Hub organizes events around a number of themes, for which working groups are also active. The best known are Food & Agriculture, Sustainable Consulting and Fashion.


Green Office Avans is a student organization that makes Avans and its environment more sustainable in a critical way. For example, they initiate projects and campaigns to question organizations about their sustainability policy.

Is known for:
The Graduation Tree gift symbolizes the growth that students experience at Avans and that naturally continues after their studies. Each tree will become part of a fully-fledged forest: the Avansbos. Every year there are new graduates and perhaps also other initiatives and that is how the Avansbos grows. And they are making an ever greater impact on their environment. The aim is to make Avans education CO2 neutral.

The BUas Green Office is the place where students of Breda University of Applied Sciences are given the opportunity to share their views and ideas with each other with the aim of raising topics related to sustainability and the SDGs.


The GO Green Office is the central hub for sustainability on the TU/e campus. In a team of eleven students and one coordinator, we aim to create sustainable impact by collaborating with the Green Student Community. Together, we raise awareness and build on sustainable operations, education, and governance.

Is known for:
A few years ago, the Sustainability Managers Project (SUMAP) kicked off. It was noticeable that different associations ran into similar challenges surrounding sustainability and came to the GO Green Office for help. Many boards were willing to make their association more sustainable but did not know where to start. Thus, to better support the associations, we set up this project. Central to SUMAP is knowledge sharing between associations and supporting each other in making sustainable impact. Moreover, the project provides assistance to the association in setting and achieving their own sustainability-related goals. 

Team Energy is a team of students from Eindhoven University of Technology. By organizing various activities, they are committed to encouraging students, scientists and professionals to participate in the energy transition.

Is known for:
Energy Now is the largest conference in the Brainport region related to sustainable energy. The goal during this day is to bring students, professionals and companies together to take action to accelerate the energy transition

TGD is an interdisciplinary organization where students, teachers and scientists come together to spread awareness about socio-economic and environmental issues. They aim to stimulate the TU/e community to devise and implement innovative technological solutions for sustainable development.

Maastricht / Heerlen / Sittard

The Maastricht University Green Office (UMGO) is the first Green Office in the world. The Green Office consists of 5 student employees who each work 8 hours a week on sustainability at Maastricht University. The team works in collaboration with the Sustainable UM2030 Taskforce on various sustainability initiatives, projects and events.

Is known for:
Teams consisting of students and employees are working on a program called Green Impact. This program offers sustainable solutions to various issues within UM. The proposals are, for example, a community garden, the introduction of health & well-being in the buildings and the reduction of aviation within UM.

Green Office Zuyd forms the heart of the Sustainable Zuyd programme. Employees from education, research and business operations work together on sustainability issues. Students are also involved through educational projects and in a more structural way in the near future.

Is known for:
The Green Office Zuyd is mainly concerned with the systematic introduction of sustainability within the business operations of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences.

Go OU is the Green office of the Open Universiteit, and the goal is to create awareness and stimulate sustainable action. She aims to connect employees and students within the organization. 

Is known for:
Go OU organizes activities, workshops and projects to inspire employees and students. Her aim is to make the business operations of the university more sustainable, and to develop sustainable progress in education & research. 

Middelburg / Vlissingen

The Eleanor Green Office plays an advisory role within University College Roosevelt’s business operations. They are expanding the sustainable network within the UCR and in Zeeland.

Is known for:
The Green Office organizes clothing exchanges, lectures and workshops, among other things. This is done to show good, concrete examples of ways in which one could adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

HZ Green Office is an organization of students and employees that builds a sustainable society together with internal and external partners.

Is known for:
HZ Green Office organizes weekly clean-up campaigns along Zeeland beaches and waters in collaboration with. parties such as Doe Mee Verlos de Zee, Rijkswaterstaat, Strandexploitatie Veere Foundation, companies and municipalities. These actions are combined with research into the quantities and origin of litter.
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