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Morgen believes that an integrated approach is what gives power to sustainability. Cooperation between different stakeholders within the sustainability sector is therefore essential. Morgen uses this cooperation to create more support for her activities and to connect her student network to the professional sustainable world.

Morgen cooperates with among others:

  • SURF, SURFsara & SURFnet
  • Nationale Jeugdraad (NJR)
  • De Jonge Klimaatbeweging (JKB)
  • Jongeren Milieu Actief (JMA)
  • Stichting Urgenda
  • GroeneGeneratie
  • Vereniging voor Milieuprofessionals (VVM)
  • Het Groene Brein
  • SustainableMotion
  • Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg (ISO)
  • Wise Network (WiNe)


SustainableMotion is a project office which uses the knowledge of today to solve problems of tomorrow. The office works together with more than 60 academic programs. With over 6000 students and young professions, all knowledgeable of sustainability, there is a huge potential to tackle the questions of the future. SustainableMotion spurs this new generation into action by organising different projects and events. It also provides an overview of programs, internships and jobs in the field of sustainability. Learn more on

Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg (ISO)

The Intercity Student Consultation is the biggest nationwide student organisation of the Netherlands and makes sure that the interests of almost 700.000 students are taken into account by the Research and Applied Sciences universities. The ISC and 8 other student organisation, among which is Morgen, have concluded a Covenant. The covenant has as its objective to represent as best as it can the interests of all those who are studying in the Netherlands. The organisations do so by exchanging experiences, information and signals and to cooperate on important subjects like globalization and the possibility for students to develop themselves further. Learn more on

Wise Network

Morgen is a part of WiNe – the Wise Network. WiNe is a group of national and international networks and organizations in Europe working towards sustainability in higher education (more generally) and student empowerment (in particular). We are committed to develop in-depth collaborative relationships, through regular online and in-person meetings. Through this we aim to learn from, and support, each other’s network leadership and student empowerment efforts. We also explore synergies among our activities and target groups to cultivate our capacity for collective impact. If you want to find out more, or think you or your organization would benefit from joining us, contact

Vereniging voor Milieuprofessionals (VVM)

The VVM is the Dutch network of environment professionals. VVM is inspiring and useful, members working in sustainability or environment can meet each other here. It is easy to get in touch with our 1300 members, which can be useful if you are looking for job or internship opportunities. Students can visit events like a climate congress or seminars on all topics related to sustainability. VVM has over 20 different sections, such as Soil, Water, Biodiversity and Land use. As a student or starter, you can join the section VVM Jong (young). For a mere 20 euros per year you can become a member, using the code MorgenVVM. Visit for more information or to apply for membership. You can also contact our VVM ambassador at Morgen, Emma van Rest, via

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