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Duurzame Student is an online magazine that was founded in 2008 by Studenten voor Morgen. At that time, Morgen noticed that students who wanted to know more about what they could do to be more sustainable, came across an unstructured multitude of information. A clear website that bundled this multitude of information, specifically aimed at students, was still missing. That is why was founded. At the moment is run by the PR board member of Morgen, a chief and final editor and an enthusiastic group of editors.

According to, sustainability is about a fair and safe place on earth for everyone. That means that the editors offers you their view on social, economic and ecological themes in accessible language. You will find articles that vary from light to dark green. Whether it’s about a complex sustainable theme or just some practical ways to be more sustainable: if it contributes to a more sustainable life of the Dutch student, you will find it on the website.

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Chief editor: Vera Kurpershoek


Through her studies Liberal Arts and Sciences, Vera is being challenged on a daily base to look at social problems from an interdisciplinary perspective. With her specialization in Postcolonial and Gender Studies, she has developed a critical view on society. She wishes to connect these social issues with the environment and sustainability, because she regularly experiences how these topics are related. In addition to her critical social view, she is an excellent writer.

Final editor: Malou Hessel

Malou studied Orthopedagogics and Didactics at RU Groningen. Malou aims to increasingly incorporate sustainability within her life and she would like to inspire others to do the same. From an early age onwards, she likes language and writing a lot, which she now puts into practice by editing the articles of

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