Sustainable Student

Duurzame Student is an online magazine that was founded in 2008 by Studenten voor Morgen. At the time, it was noted that students who wanted to know more about what they could do with sustainable development themselves came across an unstructured multitude of information. A well-organized website, specifically aimed at students, which bundled this multitude of information, was still lacking. That is why has become a fact. is currently run by the board member PR and Student network of Studenten voor Morgen, a chief editor, a social media coordinator, and an enthusiastic group of volunteer editors. believes sustainability is about a fair and safe place on earth for everyone. This means that they offer you their view on social, economic and ecological themes. You will find articles that vary from light to dark green. Practical tips for a more sustainable life, or more complex sustainability themes in accessible language: if it contributes to a more sustainable life for Dutch students, it can be found there!

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Lisa van den Dries | Project manager

Lisa is a board member of Studenten voor Morgen. One of her projects is DuurzameStudent and together with Ana, she runs the behind-the-scenes and they form the bridge to Studenten voor Morgen. Her goal is to connect students who are active in sustainability all over the Netherlands. DuurzameStudent can help with this! She hopes to bring inspiration and spread positive vibes through the platform.

Ana Pandurevic | Project manager

Ana is a board member of Studenten voor Morgen. One of the tasks for this volunteer position is to manage DuurzameStudent. With this project, she hopes to bring sustainability closer to young people and inspire them to share their vision of sustainability with the world. Inspiration is a big start when it comes to sharing our voices and making our lives a bit more sustainable step by step. Together, as the younger generation, we can make the difference when it comes to solving the climate crisis and make a greener world for everyone!

Carmen Heemsbergen | Editor in Chief

Carmen is a second-year master student of Ecology and Evolution. Before this master, she studied the bachelor Future Planet Studies. During this bachelor’s degree she discovered a passion for sustainability. After being a writer for DuurzameStudent for several months she now is the editor-in-chief. With this position, she hopes to inspire others to adopt a sustainable lifestyle and to discover more about nature and sustainability. In her free time, you can find her outside taking walks or inside doing some creative hobby.

Emma Lops | Social Media Coordinator

Emma is the new social media coordinator. She studies International Law & Global Governance and with this, and hopes to help the world become a little bit better and nicer. In combination with a creative position in the Duurzame Student team, she hopes to activate people into action!
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