Below you will find all (volunteer) vacancies of our organization and partner organizations. However, all of our vacancies are only for speakers of Dutch. This is why our vacancies are not translated to English.

ECOR's team during Dutch Design Week (1 week: 19th of October until the 27th of October)

Join ECOR’s team during the Dutch Design Week! 
What do we search?
–       Volunteers who are passionate about sustainability to give visitors a tour for half a day at the Dutch Design Week (this is the week of 19 – 27th of October).
What will we provide?
–       You will receive a “passe partout” – a free pass for the entire Dutch Design Week
–       A personal training & information on all stands of the Embassy of Sustainable Design ​(including ArtEZ, Design Academy Eindhoven, IKEA NL, Renewi, TU Delft etc.) at the Dutch design week
–       A very cool organic Dutch Design Week t-shirt or sweater
–       A meeting & lecture from one of our community experts in circular thinking and new materials
–       A compensation of € 2,50 (≥ 16yr/ <23yr) and € 4,50 (≥ 23yr) per hour.
You can apply through:, before 27 September 2019.

Some extra information:
What is ECOR?
ECOR is actively working on making the circular economy possible. We do this by turning over 35 different kinds of raw (waste) materials into fibre and ECOR (panels). This fibre can be used to make hats, desks, walls, chairs and much more. A nice example is that ECOR Technology enables Schiphol to meet its circular economy ambitions by turning the airport waste into panels for its Terminals interior space. Some of our latest accomplishments is also the First Japan – The Netherlands collaboration on Circular Furniture. One of the objectives is to develop Temporary Facilities for the Tokyo Olympics 2020 with panels based on residual streams by ECOR Technology! And check out the opening of the Tiger Bar from spent grain ECOR panels at the Jewel Building, at​ the world-class Changi Airport Singapore.

What is the Dutch Design week?
The Dutch Design week presents the potential of design in their vision of the future. This week offers platform to world changing perspectives, the result of an inquisitive approach of multidisciplinary collaborations. Examples of this are: systems that create colour out of waste, future proof food, a deep dive in the awing yet terrifying perspective on AI and ‘Homo Sensorium’ and its blurring lines between organic and synthetic.

Editor (10-16 hours per month) - Dutch only

Check out the (Dutch) vacancy here.

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