Below you will find all (volunteer) vacancies of Studenten voor Morgen.

Ranker for the SustainaBul

The SustainaBul is thé annual sustainability ranking for higher education institutions in the Netherlands. The ranking is about sustainability in policy, the curriculum and research. By publishing this ranking, educational institutions are encouraged to think about sustainability and act more sustainably, so we make an impact! And you can contribute to this!

As a ranker you help with the assessment of higher education institutions and together with another person you become a specialist in the field of a theme and you will assess all educational institutions on this basis. The assessment process consists of 2 rounds:

  • The first round takes up approximately 10 hours (from Jan 23 to Feb 19).
  • The second takes up approximately 6 hours ( from 25 March to 16 April).

You can allocate this time yourself per round and the ranking can be done from home. So would you like to contribute to an important project to make higher education more sustainable? Where you don’t have to work many hours, but you still get a good addition to your CV, receive a €50 compensation and make a lot of impact? 

Then sign up here as a ranker! Signing up is possible until the 20th of January.

Writer for (3 hours/week) is the online magazine about sustainability written for and by students, founded by Studenten voor Morgen. But first things first: what is sustainability? It’s pretty hard to define sustainability, don’t you think? We believe that sustainability is in any case about a fair and safe place on earth for everyone. This means that we write together about social, economic and ecological themes.

We are looking for young people/students who are enthusiastic about these themes. The most random things get a place on, so write about topics that interest you, about which you know a lot or which you think more people should know!

The most important thing is that you are motivated, have a green heart and a smooth pen. Do you recognize yourself in this? Then we are looking for you! 

Why should you become an editor?

  • Get more writing experience
  • You will work in a young team of motivated, sustainable students
  • Looks good on your CV
  • You write in your own time about the things that interest you

Would you like to become an editor? Send an email to with who you are, why you want to contribute and what topics you would like to write about. If you don’t know which themes those are yet, no problem! Take a look at for inspiration, or else we have plenty of current topics that might appeal to you.

There are currently no other vacancies. Do you think you can do something for Studenten voor Morgen? Send an open application to Our board changes every year, so contact us if you want to know more about a board year at Studenten voor Morgen!
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