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Wageningen University & Research wins the SustainaBul 2021!

The SustainaBul, our annual ranking of most sustainable higher educational institutions in The Netherlands, was awarded on 28 May during the Groene Peper. Zuyd Hogeschool won the price for the Best Practices 2021, selected by a jury. We collected all results in our Benchmark Report, so be sure to read that if you would like to know more about sustainability in higher education! Click the button below to read more on the SustainaBul ranking 2021. 

Our member organisations

Morgen is a network of more than 35 student organisations from all over the Netherlands. Besides the Green Offices of the higher education institutions, study associations with sustainability as their core focus are also part of our network. Click here to see all our member organisations. 

The Groene Peper is the annual sustainability event for Dutch higher education. This year, the Groene Peper will take place online on 25, 26, 27 and 28 May. Four days filled with online sessions in which you can get inspired and gain knowledge, cooperate and network with people who, like you, are passionate about sustainability. On the final day, May 28th, Studenten voor Morgen will award the SustainaBul-prize for most sustainable higher education institution in the Netherlands. 

Read the latest news about the SustainaBul via the button below. You can also register for the SustainaBul Newsletter (in Dutch) at the bottom of this page.