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Morgen is the Netherlands student network that is committed to creating and fostering a sustainable future. This nationwide student-run organization stimulates students to choose for a sustainable lifestyle, education and career. Morgen cooperates with member organizations in different student cities. Together with students from all over the country, we inform other students about sustainability and initiates sustainability projects. In addition to informing and mobilizing students around sustainability, Morgen also focuses on universities and higher education institutions, reaching out to them to enable the sustainability dimension in both education and research, and stimulate sustainability in operations.

Morgen uses the definition of sustainability suggested in Our Common Future (also known as the Brundtland report, 1987): “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Our mission and vision are in full alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals, adopted at the UN in September 2015.
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Do you want to get to know our organization at one glance? Take a look at the factsheet!

The board of Morgen exists of six young, enthusiastic students majoring or engaged in areas of creating a more sustainable world. The board changes every year on the 1st of July and is in charge of everything that happens inside Morgen: projects, finance, support of member organizations, et cetera. Furthermore, the board is the face of Morgen and the board members aim to position Morgen as a big player in the field of sustainability.

In the board year 2018-2019, Morgen is run by six committed and engaged students:

Britte Rijk | Chair | Pre-master student Environment & Society Studies | Utrecht  
Marlies Meindertsma | Secretary | Bachelor student International and European Law | Den Haag
Sheline Kap | Treasurer | Bachelor student Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology | Leiden
Shanice Campbell | Board member Higher Education | Master student Communication, Health and Life Sciences | Wageningen
Lieke Smets | Board member PR | Gap year | Utrecht
Cathelijne Stikkers | Board member Student Network | Master student Industrial Ecology | Delft

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Britte Rijk | Chair

My name is Britte Rijk and this year I am the chair of Morgen. I’m happy that I get the chance to use my passion for sustainability in a practical way. Because next to being in the board of Morgen, I will also do a premaster Environment & Society Studies in Nijmegen this year. In this way I will develop myself little by little to a sustainability queen…

I hope not only to learn a lot this year, but also to achieve a lot. For example, I would like to integrate sustainability in every track in higher education, and I would like every student to realize that he or she is the key for a sustainable future. These might be big ambitions, but even small steps contribute to a sustainable transition.

Besides sustainability, I have other interests as well. I love sports, such as volleyball, football and windsurfing. I also like to have a drink on a sunny day with friends. I am really looking forward to this year and to share my passion for sustainability with the rest of the girls.

Marlies Meindertsma | Secretary

I am Marlies Meindertsma and in the coming year, I will be the secretary of Studenten voor Morgen. I will be finishing my Bachelor degree in International and European Law at the Hague University of Applied Sciences next year. During my studies, I am very structured and organized. Also, I have been introduced to many different cultures. This has given me an open minded view and other useful skills which I like to use to the fullest in the coming year for Morgen.

The earth is a common good and not just a place for a few people. That’s something I realized very quickly and from the moment I discovered that we are treating this earth not very well, I went looking for ways to do as much as possible to improve the situation. This is how I ended up at Morgen and I aim to be able to activate other people from my position in order to inspire them to live also as sustainable as possible. I think that does not have to be difficult at all and every little bit will help. I think if you start as a student, and start with other students, sustainability will become the status quo faster than we can imagine.

Sheline Kap | Treasurer

My name is Sheline Kap and starting in July I will be the Treasurer of the Studenten voor Morgen board for the upcoming year. I am 21 years old and I will be finishing my Bachelor degree in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at Leiden University next year. Last year, I was a board member of the student board of the Centre for Sustainability. Within this organization I organized several activities, such as the Master Thesis Market. During my time as a board member, I mainly focused on circular economy and interdisciplinary collaborations regarding sustainable issues. Additionally, I took part in several committees at my study association ‘Itiwana’. I am also a member at the student association ‘Quintus’ in Leiden.

Sustainability has become more and more popular over the past few years: companies and educational institutions increasingly implement sustainable improvements. One example is the increasing of vegetarian options at the University cafeterias. Although this progress is great, I do believe that we have to focus more on long term solutions and effective collaborations. ‘Morgen’ can contribute to these long term goals and attain sustainable ideals on a national level. Working together with five other students, I hope to help promote sustainability and ‘Morgen’ in the Netherlands.

Shanice Campbell | Higher Education

My name is Shanice Campbell, 23 years old and this year I will be fulfilling the position of board member Higher Education for Morgen. I passionately love to travel to places where the earth seems untouched by the human race. During these travels I encountered a myriad of ways in which sustainability is (and is not) interwoven in contemporary society. This is where my passion for sustainability originated and started to develop.

Besides this, education is a returning pillar in all my activities: I’ve stood in front of classes with educational projects trying to raise awareness of poverty and injustice in the world among secondary school pupils, but I also like to privately tutor secondary school pupils in their subjects as well as to prepare them for their exams. Another activity of mine which I greatly enjoy is being a peer education which means that I start a conversation with pupils and students about controversial topics. To genuinely effect change, education is a great point to start creating it. Thus, this can also be applied to sustainability.

Life has something pure to it; in contrast, humans have a degree of intelligence of which could be expected that they voraciously stand and fight for mother earth and her purity. This then also is the drive with which I am going into this year as board member Higher Education at Morgen. Whenever I’m not busy trying to improve the world where possible, I like to keep myself busy with self-development, reading, cooking, learning new languages, taking up new hobbies and completely absorbing unknown cultures.

Lieke Smets | Public Relations

My name is Lieke Smets, I’m 21 years old and starting in July, I’m board member Public Relations of the Morgen board. Sustainability has always been a huge passion of mine. I’ve always been concerned about the earth and how we have to take care of it with all of us. Throughout the last couple of years, my interest in sustainability has only increased.

For me, sustainability is not the alternative. For me it’s the status quo. I’m convinced that students are the future and that students are able to make sustainability even more the status quo. Therefore, I cannot wait to get started for Morgen and to inform more people about the importance of sustainability. Also, I cannot wait to work together on this with the rest of the board. When I’m not busy doing something sustainable, I like to cook, read and play volleyball.

Cathelijne Stikkers | Studenten Network

I am Cathelijne Stikkers and I am responsible for the Student Network within the Board of Morgen. Currently, I am finishing my Master Industrial Ecology. My interest for sustainability had evolved during my bachelor degree at University College Utrecht (UCU). I was following two different tracks, Biology and Earth & Environment. The combination of these two fields, ecology, made me realize that we as humanity cannot continue our current way of living; our Planet is not able to sustain this. As I wanted to get to know the business side of sustainability in addition to my theoretical knowledge on this topic, I decided to do an internship at the CSR department of NS (Dutch Railways). Through this internship, I knew for sure that I wanted to continue working on keeping the earth liveable, but I also realized that it was necessary to involve companies and the economy.

Now, two year later, I have gained even more knowledge on sustainability, but also contacts (both people and companies) within this field. I think this is ideal for my function a Student Network! I am looking forward to devote my energy to more sustainability in higher education and especially seeing synergies between our member organizations – because together you are stronger and the essential steps can be taken that are all very much needed in our society!

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