Morgen believes that the power of sustainability lies in an integral approach. Cooperation with other actors within the sustainability field is therefore essential. Morgen uses this cooperation both to create wider support for her activities, and to connect her student network to the professional sustainability world.

Morgen inter alia cooperates with:

  • SURF, SURFsara & SURFnet
  • Nationale Jeugdraad (National Youth Council)
  • Young Friends of the Earth Netherlands (JMA)
  • Urgenda foundation
  • GroeneGeneratie (GreenGeneration)
  • SustainableMotion
  • Vereniging voor Milieuprofessionals (Association of environmental professionals)
  • Het Groene Brein

Morgen is also a partner of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency within DuurzaamDoor. DuurzaamDoor is an inter-administrative and inter-departemental knowledge program, in which organisations and networks of entrepreneurs, education, research, government and civilians cooperate. The main aim is to accelerate the transition to a green, sustainable economy, and to help local successes break through on a larger scale. Central are societal issues regarding energy, water, biodiversity, materials and food. DuurzaamDoor uses knowledge, experiences and methods (social instruments), enlarging involvement and awareness, thereby increasing and stimulating cooperation.