Vegetable bag

The Vegetable Bag is a project that was initiated already in 2005. Every week, students sell biological fuit and vegetables to students and staff of Utrecht University and Utrecht University of Applied Science. Everyone can order a bag for five euro, and can pick them up at tuesdays. The content of the bag varies weekly, and each week a recipe is added. For more information, see the Vegetable Bag website (in Dutch).

Sustainable Discount Card

DuKo (in Dutch: duurzame kortingskaart) is a sustainable discount card for students in Utrecht. Since sustainable products are usually pricier than conventional products, DuKo provides discounts to give students easy-access to sustainable consumption. Many of the stores connected to DuKo have innovative concepts and have various product categories such as food, clothing and gifts. For more information on the discounts, shops, sustainability and DuKo itself, look on the DuKo website (in Dutch).

Green Impact & Student Switch Off

Green Impact & Student Switch Off are two programs from the UK, which are coordinated on a national scale and motivate students on a local scale to make a green impact or to save power. Both programs have a competition-element, where a group of students or an institution can win a yearly prize. Watch the promotion movies of Green Impact and Student Switch Off here.

All Energy Day

The Delft Energy Club, an organisation of TU Delft students, yearly organises the All Energy Day: a one-day event where the future energy system is the main topic. On this event, students get in touch with professionals from many corners of the energy world, in such a way that the students can prepare for their career in an optimal way. For more information, visit the All Energy Day website.

Bike project: Collect, Fix, Share

In this project, students from Wageningen University have the opportunity to hand in their bikes which they don’t use anymore. This occurs often when international students leave the Netherlands after their time of study at WUR. At the same time, many international students are looking for a bike when they arrive in Wageningen. To connect these two ‘streams’ of used bycicles, Green Office develops the possibility to hand in or buy a bike at Permar, becoming the main exchange point for student bikes. Students hand in a bike, even when it is broken, and Permar checks and fixes these. Then, the bikes are resold for prices which are affordable by students. This saves a lot of work if you want to leave your bike in Wageningen or if you want a good bike for a very reasonable price. Also, the occurrence of ‘orphaned’ bikes in common bike racks, or the selling of stolen or broken bikes will be countered. For more information, contact Green Office Wageningen via

Student Cooking Corner

The Student Cooking Corner is an initiative in which students get the opportunity to sell their own products and let others taste international and vegetarian food. Every Wednesday at lunch time, students sell their delicious lunch at the first floor in the Forum.  All dishes are vegetarian, as a contribution to sustainability. Many international dishes pass by, from all corners of the world. Since the first edition on December 5th, 2012, the initiative has been a huge success, as it is a nice opportunity to taste different things  and share cooking experiences with each other. For more information, contact Green Office Wageningen via

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