Comité van aanbeveling

Committee of Recommendation

Morgen has a Committee of Recommendation which bestows public support to and underwrites Morgen’s goals, projects and activities. The Committee is composed of several distinguished persons from various sectors, such as trade & industry, science and politics, each of them with a strong affinity to sustainability.

Herman Wijffels CvA Studenten voor Morgen

Herman Wijffels

Economist and prominent member of CDA (Dutch political party) Herman Wijffels has occupied several distinguished positions: heserved as chair of the Executive Board of Rabobank Nederland, as chair of the Social-Economical Council (SER) and he has been the Dutch Representative at the Worldbank in Washington. Currently he is co-president of Worldconnectors. This association tackles international challenges based on the Earth Charter and the UN Millennium declaration. Also, Wijffels holds the academic Chair on ‘sustainability and societal change’ at the University of Utrecht.

Marjan Minnesma

Marjan Minnesma is the ‘queen of sustainability’ of the Netherlands and on several occasions has been chosen to be the number 1 of the Trouw Sustainable Top-100 several times (the ranking of the most influential Dutch person in the area of sustainability). As president of the action organisation Urgenda, she is a strong advocate to make the Netherlands more sustainable. Previously, amongst other things, Marjan has been active at Novem (precursor of, Greenpeace and sustainability institutions like IVM and Drift.

Marjan Minnesma CvA Studenten voor Morgen
Carlos de Bourbon de Parme CvA Studenten voor Morgen

Carlos de Bourbon de Parme

Prince Carlos is son to princess Irene, sister of the former Queen Beatrix. Currently, Carlos is president of the Institute for Sustainable Innovation & Development (INSID). The INSID is an independent foundation which has the acceleration of sustainability as a goal. One of his ancillary activities is chairing the foundation Nederland Krijgt Nieuwe Energie, which is aiming to induce an acceleration in the transition towards more clean energy.

Jan Terlouw

Jan Terlouw, born in 1931, was trained as a physicist. After years as a prominent researcher, Terlouw decided to pursue different activities,  authoring children’s books and serving as a politician: he was active at D66 for several years. After his political career, Terlouw worked in Brussels as a Royal Commissioner for Queen Beatrix. He retired at the end of 1996. Currently, Terlouw is taking action to raise awareness concerning the vulnerability of the earth. This has e.g. resulted in the collaboration with Morgen on the Youngsters Manifest for Sustainability.

Jan Terlouw CvA Studenten voor Morgen
Willem Lageweg CvA Studenten voor Morgen

Willem Lageweg

Willem Lageweg is a farmer’s son from Hellevoetsluis. After a long career at Rabobank, he has been the director of MVO Nederland for ten years. Besides of that, he is also active in the field of multicultural society and at Women on Wings, a social enterprise that focuses on the economic independence of women in India. He is still a consultant and director at MVO Nederland and continues to work for a sustainable, inclusive society.

Thiëmo Heilbron

Thiëmo Heilbron is a biologist, ecologist and founder of Fawaka Entrepreneurial School and Fawaka Netherlands. Fawaka Entrepreneurial School realizes educational programs for children about sustainable entrepreneurship. With Fawaka Nederland Thiëmo aims to involve young people with different cultural backgrounds and educational levels in the environmental issues and societal challenges of our time. He shares their stories on his website and advises companies and organizations on how you can work together with this generation. All for making sustainability inclusive and accessible.

thiëmo heilbron comite van aanbeveling
Antoine Heideveld CvA Studenten voor Morgen

Antoine Heideveld

Antoine Heideveld is director at Het Groene Brein and is seen as one of the sustainability  experts in the field of education and business. Besides that Antoine takes place in our Committee of Recommendation of Morgen, he is a member of our Advisory Board and one of the founders of the LHUMP *. Heideveld studied Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the UvA and taught Sustainable Development for several years at that same university.

*Morgen was founded in 1993 by local student environmental organizations from different cities. The association was named LHUMP until 2010: the ‘Landelijk Hogeschool en Universitair Milieu Platform’.

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