Other methods

The SustainaBul is a method, specifically developed for the Dutch context. Other methodologies also exist, especially abroad, who measure sustainability within higher education, or who provide assistance to universities for developing a sustainability policy. Below, a summary is shown.


The UI GreenMetric World University Ranking is an initiative of Universitas Indonesia which has being launched in 2010. The aim of this ranking is to provide information regarding the current condition and policies related to Green Campus and Sustainability in universities all over the world. Scores are given on themes as infrastructure, energy, waste, water, transport and education. Eindhoven, Nijmegen and Groningen are the only three universities which make it to the world top-100. Click here for more information. 

Green League

The People & Planet Green League is the only independent league table showing the environmental & ethical performance of UK universities and is credited with putting climate change on the desk of every Vice-Chancellor in the UK. In 2013, 143 universities participated in People & Planet’s Green League. Click here for more information.

Wheels of Sustainability

In the spring of 2014, Industrial Ecology students of TU Delft have developed a set of inidicators in order to assess campus sustainability. This set of indicators is currently used by TU Delft. Download the Wheels of Sustainability here.


AISHE is a certification system which works with stars and scores. AISHE certifies education programs – so not the institutions – on their education level regarding sustainable development. This is done by an audit, which is carried out by Hobéon. Also, the Mark for Sustainable Higher Education is part of this program. Read more on AISHE-certification.

Best Practice in Campus Sustainability

The International Sustainable Campus Network published a report with many inspiring examples regarding campus sustainability in February 2014. From food or solar panels to an integrated management approach: per project, a short description is given. Download the report.

Greening Universities Toolkit

In 2013, the UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) issued a report with which universities can decrease their footprint. The report first describes strategies an institution can adapt, followed by actions that can be taken and some actual case studies where actions have been carried out. Download the report.

Duurzame Campus tool

The Duurzaam Hoger Onderwijs foundation (Sustainable Higher Education, DHO) developed in 2010 a tool in order to provide guidelines to institutions to move towards a sustainable campus. Despite the fact that the tool is some years old, the senarios still give a good insight in choices that can be made. Use the tool here.

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